Welcome to the official audio site for listening to and downloading speeches of Hadhrat Maulana Mohammad Aslam Sahib (Rahimahullah).

Maulana Mohammed Aslam Sahib (RA) founded the Madrasa Ta’leem-ul-Islam in 1989. This is based in Pollokshields at 161 Nithsdale Road Glasgow, G41 5QS. The picture above is of the main prayer hall at the Madrasa.

Maulana Sahib (RA) quickly became popular for consistently delivering compelling Friday sermons. During the weekends, Maulana Sahib (RA) delivered Quran Tafseer lectures. These were full of valuable knowledge and pearls of wisdom.

Hadhrat maintained this routine consistently at the Madrasa. During this period Hadhrat completed the Quran Tafseer twice. Maulana Sahib (RA) had started the third Tafseer on 12th April 2014  and was on the 5th Juz. However Maulana Sahib (RA) returned to Allah on Friday 3rd March 2017. A full Biography will be provided soon.

I have had the privilege of recording Maulana Sahib’s (RA) speeches at the Madrasa Ta’leem-ul-Islam for the last 20+ years. Great effort has been made to provide high quality recordings.

I will now gradually start making these recordings available online.

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