Below is an explanation of the contents in this website and how to best download speeches.

1. Selected Short Clips

These have been carefully taken from 22 years of recording. These clips are very useful as they enable listeners to easily access selected topics. They are also very powerful. A prime example can be seen in the first official upload clip.

2. Juma Speeches

These are full speeches on many topics from Friday Juma sermons and the Dars-e-Quran. The Quran tafseer is currently being prepared. I will update you when it’s ready to be uploaded gradually.

3. Quran Tafseer

The Quran tafseer will be uploaded systematically. Please follow the instructions below to ensure the order is maintained.

4. How to Download

All speeches have been titled and numbered for a specific reason. The Speeches have been numbered and titled carefully to follow a sequence.

All you have to do is make a folder on your PC/phone and download without changing the track names and they will appear in order. This will also make it easier for listeners to burn CDs. As an example you can try this with the Deeds for Ramadan & Life playlist.

5. Special Request

Great effort has been made to provide and maintain high quality recordings. Speeches were first recorded on a Sony Mini Disc using a professional Sony ECM-77b microphone. Thereafter the speeches have been compressed to 192kb MP3 format.

I request listeners to refrain from tampering with the quality of audio.

My only other request is for listeners to make dua for Maulana Sahib (RA), may Allah accept his efforts.